Keeping Score in Disc Golf

Disc Golf Chick  |  April 21, 2019

Some people think that keeping score takes the fun out of a game.  Not me!  I am solidly in the “you can’t fix what you don’t measure” camp.  And by fix, I mean improve – or in my case, fix!   I have a long way to go to clean up my game in all areas:  distance, accuracy, throwing around an obstacle and putting/approach shots.

There are three primary ways to keep score without bothering a fellow player to do it for you:

  1. In writing
  2. In your head
  3. Using an App

In writing – usually on paper, its easy and some people just like the feel of recording their score, but you will need to find a place to keep the scorecard and a pen or pencil handy.  Some courses have beautiful scorecards with guides to each baskets location, par, etc or you can find generic images online if you want to print your own.  If you need something solid to write on, we suggest an item like this found on Amazon- a small clipboard to hold your score cards.

In your head – that’s right, spend the day trying to keep track of your score.  While this is certainly economical and there’s nothing physical to lose in the brush, I find it distracting.  I want to focus on my game and what aspect of the game I want to work on that day.  I tried to keep track in my head and found myself questioning my score.  Did I forget to add the score for the last basket? Was that 32 or 33? In the end, I gave up.

Using an app – This is my preferred method of keeping score.  All I need to do is enter the score for the current basket and I can see at a glance my total score for the round and even how well I did on that basket previously.  There is a lot of satisfaction in breaking your own record.  There are a few apps on the market such as UDisc and Disc Scores.  I happened upon UDisc and have been using for about 6 months.  It has definitely elevated by game to be able to put all of my attention on how I throw.

Whatever method you choose, I recommend tracking your score and trying to make small improvements each time you play.  Small improvements make a difference and before you know it, you will have brought your game to a whole new level.